Green Commercial Properties, Inc. represents tenants seeking space (small and large), with an objective of analyzing the market from the tenant's point of view. The process will include:

  • Meeting with the client to determine space needs (type and size)
  • Defining geographic area(s) of interest
  • Determining the financial objectives of the transaction
  • Agreeing on time frames
  • Preparation of a market property survey based on criteria established
  • Tour of properties
  • Selection by Tenant of properties best suited for intended use
  • Submitting Request for Proposals to properties of choice
  • Providing financial analysis of proposals received utilizing the ProCalc lease analysis program
  • Developing space plan(s) for preferred option(s) and securing construction pricing
  • Submitting Letter(s) of Intent to preferred option(s)
  • Engaging in final negotiations
  • Authorizing Lease preparation and review
  • Execution of Lease Agreements
  • Maintaining close contact throughout the construction process
  • Final walk through of Premises
  • Move-in by Tenant

Green Commercial Properties, Inc., represents the Tenant by contract and offers absolute loyalty and fiduciary responsibility to the Tenant.